Desmus tests program requirements at the beginning of design process and endeavours to optimise a building configuration to decrease operating costs and maximize capital investment of its customers. At this point, Desmus doesnot only deliver the structure at performance and activity oriented projects, but also provides required training for the current team for the space to be operated efficiently and brings in dynamically continuity of work.

Desmus designs high quality, environment-friendly and aesthetically dissociated spaces outstanding by their identities. And it corporates with domestic and foreign professionalist planners, consultants and engineers to utilize these spaces at maximum efficiency.

Desmus realizes the projects by conscious of the fact that base of a successful building is an inner space which complements exterior architecture and that is in compliance with it. Integration of interior and exterior architecture has great importance for spaces that are simple but visually appealing, functional and promising high comfort. Creating consistent spaces together with its designer and creative architecture team in all projects it provides interior design, is one of the priorities of Desmus.


The team of Desmus which consists of engineers and technical experts, works as an essential part of design team beginning from creating concept until construction process. Engineering solutions included in creative process provide more effective and fast actions in several fields from increase in functionality of project to solutions for environmental and economic difficulties. Desmus with its architecture team, contributes to creation of high performance and cost efficient spaces thanks to its modern vision at utilizing new generation design tools.

Desmus designs operating models for cultural-art and performance venues, which are its profession. This service which can be provided during beginning or other process of the project includes strategic planning, feasibility studies, guidance for space requirements, operation structure and organization scheme planning,  concept developing and programming, personnel management, budget planning, event management, production and operation management.