Desmus is a design, architecture, engineering and planning company which is specialized especially in performance areas, educational establishments and cultural-art buildings. 


Desmus, which makes designs come true by considering several kind of dynamics through the experience it has gained during long years in Europe and Turkey, approaches the spaces it designed with its creative architecture team, through the eye of user and audience, and designs by focusing on optimizing human interaction and making center of attraction.


Developing its projects through a clear sense about vision and business models to meet targeted aesthetical and economic goals, Desmus provides structures satisfying needs of its advisees through operational efficiency, flexibility and sustainable business sense.


Creative design team of Desmus always plans the next step by considering human and environmental factors in depth. Desmus acknowledges that, any contact of human with physical field is an opportunity to transmit a message or feeling. It aims at creation of conscious experiences in fields where human people live, work and take place, by developing strategies with its clients about these messages.


The fact that Desmus knows well the advanced technology systems being integrated the architecture smoothly, reflects credit on audience experiences, helps advisees to express their stories in a strong way, transfer their culture and transmit their strategic messages.